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Bro-tox? Increasingly Popular Gift for Men

ABC News recently reported on Bro-tox an increasingly popular gift for men. Actor Johnny Markoudakis told ABC that he got Botox injections in his forehead and around his eyes, and a week later people told him he looked more refreshed. But Bro-tox patients include more than just actors, models and metrosexuals, according to ABC. For instance, Marc from Detroit is 38 and works at a chemical company. “I do a lot of industrial type work, getting dirty. … And I restore old cars,” Marc told ABC. When he started noticing that he had some wrinkles and that he was looking older, his wife decided to get him Botox for Christmas. […]

Are your eyes making you look tired?

Most first impressions start with the eyes, but impressions can be deceiving for those suffering with dropping, puffy or hooded eyes. Excess skin around the eyelids can make the eyes look tired or angry. Significant sagging around the eyelids can also interfere with vision. Just ask Athena Thompson, who recently underwent eyelid surgery, also referred to as blepharoplasty, to combat the uncomfortable effects of her hooded eyelids. ‘The skin above my eye drooped so much you couldn’t see the crease on my eyelid,’ she says. ‘My lids felt heavy, I could no longer apply eyeshadow, and I could feel the skin of my upper eyelid lying against my lashes. I […]

Alternative Therapy After Radiation and Breast Reconstruction

According to a new study published in the most recent issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, researchers have discovered a new technique that may offer breast cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy an effective breast reconstruction alternative. Typically, breast cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy are not ideal candidates for implant-based breast reconstruction. Radiation therapy significantly damages underlying tissues at a microscopic level. As a result, radiation therapy treatments can negatively affect the outcome of reconstruction and increase the risk of long-term complications following surgery. For years this has left radiation therapy recipients with very limited reconstruction options. The study, led by researcher Dr. Salgarello Marzja and colleagues of University Hospital in […]

LifeStyle Lift….

What is the LifeStyle Lift? I found myself staring at the TV saying, “What is this?”….You know you have probably channel surfed and have paused at the infomercials showing the “LifeStyle Lift.” Working alongside a Plastic Surgeon I found myself dissecting the commercial to determine what procedure they were actually showing or better yet, not showing. If you paid close attention you will quickly realize that the words surgery and facelift are never uttered throughout the hour long commercial. Curiosity got the better of me, so I called for an information packet. I spoke to a person in the call center who stated in a very scripted voice that she […]