We have another update from Linda!

The process begins…I had my Botox treatment yesterday – a series of injections in my brow, forehead and crow’s feet area. Injected with a small needle, the sensation was little more than a pin prick; I think the anticipation is worse than the feeling.

I was told to stop taking aspirin or any supplements that could thin the blood (Vitamin E, Fish Oil) for 10 days before the procedure. Bleeding can cause bruising. Nikki told me there might be red spots or swelling on the skin after, but that didn’t happen for me. There really are few documented side effects other than that.

Over pretty quickly, I was instructed to not press on or rub the injections sites, to keep from doing any aerobic exercise for the rest of the day, and to make faces from time to time apparently helping the Botox spread to the relevant muscles.

I was hoping to see immediate results. Alas the effects are not truly seen until around day 5. Right now (the day after), I don’t feel any different at all. Nikki told me to keep looking in the mirror and making faces; somewhere around the fifth day I’ll notice I’m making the face but the wrinkles/creases aren’t forming. I’ll post some before and afters once I can see a difference.

Several people have asked if I plan to keep up with the Botox injections – Nikki explained that the combination of treatments I’m getting are perfect for someone who doesn’t want to continue with Botox; that the Botox actually optimizes the results of the laser which has more lasting effects. Sounds good to me!

I’m off to talk with the fitness trainer today….this is so much fun! Thanks all for recommending me. :-)