Aging women over 50


A new study of U.S. women ages 50 and older examines the 12.2 percent who say they are satisfied with their body size to unlock the secrets of body satisfaction. The study, published online Oct. 11, 2013 by the Journal of Women & Aging was trying to unlock the secrets of body satisfaction. What researchers found is that even in the small percentage of women who were satisfied with their body, the women were found to rate their skin as one of the main aspects of their appearance that they were dissatisfied with.

Why are so many women ages 50 and over unhappy with their skin? It may be that although women perceive themselves as fit or happy with their body, however exercise has a limited effect on facial wrinkles, hollows under the eyes, or droopy jowls. Therefore even though one may feel fit or satisfied with their body, they may have lingering concerns regarding their face.

What is one to do? There are many non-surgical options available, such as non invasive skin tightening, procedures that improves skin complexion; such as IPL/Photo facial or Laser Resurfacing that have minimal downtime but an appreciable improvement to one’s facial complexion. Certain injectables such as Botox®, Juvederm®, or other dermal fillers or fat transfer that can address wrinkles and loss of volume in the face.

So keep going to the Gym and then visit your local Medical Spa to stay fit and address your skin concerns.

Nikki Rasmussen is a Registered Nurse and aesthetic laser specialist who owns Yolo Laser Center & Med Spa, located in Guilford, . Yolo specializes in optimal aging solutions as well as Medical weight loss solutions.