I’m back from the New York City Spa and Beauty Show and learned about all the latest and greatest in the beauty industry. Along with hearing about the most current skin care and anti aging trends, (which you will hear more about in other posts) I was fascinated by the “Vagazzle”. How have I not heard about this? I’ve heard of the V-a-jay-jay and as a nurse, I’ve seen my share in all different states. I’ve now heard of everything, or at least everything I want to know about our female nether regions.

Remember the “Bedazzle” which many comedians have spoofed about, or you may have one in your basement. The “Vagazzle” is art for our girl parts! Vajazzling is a form of Brazilian bikini wax where stick-on Swarovski crystals are applied to the skin after Brazilian hair removal. Yep, you read that right; vajazzling is bling for your girl parts, made mainstream by NYC spa Completely bare, who also specializes in the vajacial.

check out the video

Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the George Lopez show with a Vagazzled VaJayJay. (youtube it!) She is coming out with her own book titled “The Day I Shot Cupid”, which is due out in March of this year. Inside the book she has a chapter dedicated to Vagazzling your Vagina, Ladies!

Whats next? What’s your thoughts?

b Beatiful,
Nikki Rasmussen, Registered Nurse and owner operator of YOLO aesthetic boutique and med spa
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