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Skin Tightening

Conveniently located to serve Guilford, CT

  • Treat lax skin on the face, neck, abdomen
  • No downtime
Tighten skin in Guilford, CT. Safe for all skin types, including dark skin. Rebuild collagen.

Best Treatment For:

  • Sagging Skin
  • Sun Damage
  • Age Spots
  • Fine Lines
  • Mild Acne Scars

Most Common Areas Treated:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
New advances in light energy have led to the development of non-invasive treatment of skin laxity which is safer and more effective than ever before. Sciton ST Broad Band Light offers safe infrared light energy and advanced skin cooling technology to comfortably deliver heat below the skin’s surface for increased tissue tightening and reduced skin laxity.
  • AANP | The American Association of Nurse Practitioners
  • The Dermatology Nurse’s Association
  • American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities
Your Skin Tightening treatment will be performed by our providers in Yolo Laser Center & Med Spa‘s safe and clean facility located in Guilford, CT

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This ground-breaking new technology is used to selectively heat the dermal collagen deep in your skin while at the same time cooling the epidermis (outer layer of skin) prior to, during, and after treatment, reducing pain and minimizing internal thermal injury to adjacent skin structures. The result is partial coagulation and contraction of collagen which tightens the skin. We offer several advanced technologies to address lax skin including Venus Freeze and SkinTyte.


  • Where can Skin Tightening be used?
    The most common areas are those that receive the most sun, such as the face, neck, arms, and abdomen; however, they can be used anywhere on the body.
  • How long does the treatment take?
    A treatment normally takes approximately 45 minutes, although time varies depending on the area being treated.
  • How soon will I see the results?
    Results can be seen after just one treatment, although normally two to five treatments are recommended in order to achieve optimal results.
  • Are there any potential side effects?
    Most side effects are mild and of short duration. These can consist of short-term discomfort during the actual treatment. There is usually additional redness immediately following treatment, lasting less than 24 hours in most people. On rare occasions, it may last up to three days. Mild blistering and bruising are possible but in our experience occur in less than 1% of patients and usually clear very quickly.
  • How Much Does Skin Tightening cost at Yolo Laser Center & Med Spa in Guilford, CT?
    Each body area has a different price and every person’s skin requires a different number of treatments for the best results. Please contact us for a specific cost.
  • How do I get started?
    Call Yolo at 203-533-4560 to schedule your Skin Tightening consultation or for more information email info@yolomedspa.com

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Have been going to Yolo for about four years. Staff is very friendly knowledgeable and accommodating. They provide great service. – Real patient read more testimonials

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Interested in learning more about Skin Tightening in Connecticut? Contact Yolo Laser Center & Med Spa today to schedule an appointment with Doctor Nikki Rasmussen. We look forward to offering compassionate treatment and excellent cosmetic plastic surgery solutions.

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