A story recently posted on YahooLifestyleUK highlights a new treatment alternative to Botox dubbed “Frotox.”

In the past,Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Kidman are just some of the stars that have admitted to Botox, but now there’s a new anti-ageing system on the market they might want to try.

Cryotherapy – also known as Frotox – has finally launched in the UK after a year of research, but what is it and does it actually work?

Studies have shown that clients undergoing the “Frotox” treatment, report fewer wrinkles and the big news is that Frotox in non-toxic. There is another advantage for Frotox over Botox though. Botox takes a few days to start working, while Frotox is instant.

The cost of the Frotox is said to be the same as Botox, some physicians state that Frotox is less reliable. Frotox is currently in trials for the USA market.

So what do you think? Would you trade your Botox for Frotox?

Story originally appeared in Yahoo Lifestyle