Bigger Breasts With Your Own Stem Cells?

Enlarge your Breasts Naturally.

Have you seen the ads for enhancing your breasts naturally with your own fat? Did you wonder if this actually works? Taking fat from one area and putting it in another such as your face, hands, and butt, has gained in popularity related to improved harvesting techniques that yield better results. However transferring fat to the breasts for other than reconstruction after cancer remains very controversial. Dr. Pathy, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who frequently performs fat transfer in cases of reconstruction states, “There isn’t enough long-term data to definitively show that there won’t be complications with breast imaging studies to safely perform fat transfer to the breast for cosmetic reason.”

Stem cell enriched fat transfer to the breasts for breast enhancement is extremely controversial. Currently the procedure is performed by many Physicians in the United States and abroad. In recent days, Senior plastic surgeons have issued a warning over a breast enlargement procedure being offered by private UK clinics.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) say “stem-cell breast augmentations” are unproven and should not be offered commercially.

The biggest question besides safety is, is it worth the cost? Cost wise, liposuction with fat transfer to the breasts is about $5,000 over the cost of just liposuction. It is comparable in cost to a breast augmentation with implants and liposuction.

However, adding stem cells to the mix adds an additional $5,000 to the procedure. This is because the procedure for processing and extraction of the stem cells is very time consuming and expensive. The disposables that are required for the 3-hour procedure cost around $2,800.

So why do some Physicians offer only stem cell enhanced breast enlargement or “natural breast enhancement” over implants? The most likely reason is that they are not a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon therefore cannot perform traditional breast enhancement. No matter what method you chose, do your research, look at their actual before and after pictures, and chose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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