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Eye rejuvenation helps when you’re looking tired, which can be the result of aging that has impacted the eyes. Sagging and wrinkling can add to the appearance of aging and chronic tiredness. With modern technology, there are effective solutions for eye rejuvenation in Connecticut.

What Is Eye Rejuvenation?

Due to factors like sun damage, genetics, smoking, and aging, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner over time. Blood vessels become increasingly constricted, causing pigment changes in the form of dark circles under the eyes. Additionally, skin texture changes occur, fine lines form, and the lower eyelids develop a baggy look.

At Yolo Laser Center & Med Spa, we can address these issues using a variety of non-surgical methods. We perform eye rejuvenation with dermal fillers, PRP, laser resurfacing, radiofrequency treatments, microfractionated radiofrequency treatments, and microneedling.

Non-Surgical Eye Rejuvenation vs. Traditional Blepharoplasty

Traditional blepharoplasty uses a scalpel to make incisions and remove excess skin. This can result in bleeding, bruising, swelling, and weeks of uncomfortable recovery time.

Modern techniques have made use of the power of laser technology, injectables, and other non-surgical methods to improve the eye-rejuvenation process. By using these methods to rejuvenate the skin of the eyelids, there’s no need for incisions, and bruising and swelling are greatly reduced. This improves healing time.

Am I a Good Candidate for Eye Rejuvenation?

You are an ideal candidate for eye rejuvenation if you have drooping eyelids, fine eyelid wrinkles, dark circles under your eyes, or undereye bags. Patients looking for non-surgical solutions to these issues are excellent candidates.

Your Eye Rejuvenation Consultation

Consult with the experienced professionals of Yolo Laser Center & Med Spa to learn more about modern eye rejuvenation. During your consultation, we will examine your eyelids, review your medical history, and ask about your aesthetic goals. A treatment method will be chosen, and a personalized treatment plan will be created for you.

Contact us at our office in Connecticut to schedule a consultation.


Eye Rejuvenation Results Connecticut


Eye Rejuvenation Results Connecticut
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The Treatment Process

Eye rejuvenation sessions are typically quick and convenient. At the start of the eye rejuvenation treatment session, a topical anesthetic may be used to numb the region, helping to prevent any pain or discomfort. Once numbing is complete, the chosen treatment method will be performed.

Eyelid Rejuvenation Aftercare

After eyelid rejuvenation, little to no downtime/recovery time is required. Aftercare directions will be provided during your consultation and will vary depending on the treatment modality utilized.

Generally, a degree of bruising, swelling, and/or redness may be present for a time. You may need to avoid alcohol, heavy exercise, saunas, and prolonged sun exposure immediately following the treatment session. Applying proper sunscreen as directed is vital.

One or more treatment sessions will be needed depending on the chosen treatment. The exact number of sessions required will be discussed during the consultation.

Eye Rejuvenation Cost

The price of eye rejuvenation varies widely depending on multiple factors, including the number of treatments required to achieve optimal results and the cosmetic or medical concerns you want to address. Contact us today and find out how much the procedure will cost and what’s best for you.

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I highly recommend YOLO laser center & med spa. Nikki will give you her honest opinion and make you feel comfortable while receiving your treatment. YOLO is so clean and the staff is so professional and friendly.

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