New Year New You..What's Hot for 2013

We have all heard the New Year New You mantra and often times embraced it. However, subtle changes in what is considered, “Hot”, “Trendy” or “In” differ slightly from year to year. The following is an outline of what are the most sought for Cosmetic Procedures in 2013.

What’s Hot?

Botulism Toxin Type A

Botox is the number one non-invasive procedure by far, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Botox is as synonymous with its main ingredient, botulism toxin type A, as Q-tips are to cotton swabs.

That said, with products like Dysport and the relatively recent introduction of Xeomin on the market – both of which are derived from botulism toxin – Botox will face more competition than ever in its 10-year history. Currently a topical Botox is being developed and tested.

Non-invasive procedures

Most people are busy and want to be in and out for a Cosmetic procedure in less than an hour. Therefore non-invasive procedures such as Botox Cosmetic, dermal fillers, and liquid face-lifts will continue to increase in popularity.

Men Seeking Cosmetic Solutions

The number of men seeking both non-invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures has gone up to the tune of 750,000 men in 2010 according to the ASAPS. The number of men in cosmetic surgeon’s office is expected to rise even more in 2013. So far, treatments like Botox and other injectables, liposuction, and rhinoplasty have been among the top choices for men.

Digital age

The ever-evolving influence of technology has allowed patients to visualize many cosmetic procedures BEFORE visiting a surgeon. Clients can see what they would look like with Juvederm and Botox as well as view what their lashes may look like by using Latisse.

Wide Awake Liposuction

Fine tuning and sculpting with in office Liposuction is extremely popular. It is done wide awake, with little-to-no downtime. New technologies use ultrasound (Vaser), Water (Waterjet), and Laser (Smart Lipo) that decrease bruising and minimize discomfort.

Fat Transfers

Fat transfer expands the options of replacing lost volume. As technology has developed fat transfer is a reliable option. Relocating fatty tissue from unwanted areas (the abdomen or thighs), Fat Transfers can add volume where it has been depleted from age or extreme weight loss (the face or hands).

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