Why are my eyebrows and lashes so thin?

It’s a question that I hear at least once a day from my clients. They wonder why their lashes and/or brows have thinned so dramatically as they have aged. It is an unfortunate part of aging that we lose much of our lash volume by the time we are 35 and it continues to progress as we age.

If you were lucky enough to have had thick lush lashes than the decrease won’t be as noticeable, however if you didn’t start with much the decrease will be more noticeable.

Thick lashes are perceived as a sign of youth and those with thin lashes do have a tendency to be considered older than their actual age.

On another note, if you are experiencing a disappearance of the outer portion of your eyebrow it may be a sign that you suffer from thyroid disease. If you fall into this category, call your doctor who may run blood tests. If you have had a sudden loss of lashes or disappearance of your lashes there may be an underlying medical condition and you should notify your medical practitioner.

In most cases using Latisse®, the only FDA approved lash enhancement will result in longer lashes. Although not FDA approved for the brows it is often prescribed for this area as well.

Latisse® works by extending the growth cycle of the hair. I have used it personally and can attest that after six weeks of regular use my lashes were darker and longer. I was able to fill in areas of my brows that were “skimpy” as a result of over-plucking. Latisse is simple to use, the kit comes with applicator brushes. I like to put a drop in the cap and then use the brush to apply it to my lash line. A kit lasts 6 weeks on average. Click here to see an actual patient and her lash growth.

Latisse® is quite successful at growing hair where follicles still exist. In cases that there aren’t any follicles related to trauma or surgery then lash or brow transplant are a better option.

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