A little over a week has passed since my Vaser Lipo experience and I promised I would “tell all.” So here is is.

When the procedure was over I hopped off the table and exclaimed, “That was nothing.” My girlfriend and I even laughed and said, “Wow, I think I could even drive home.” (Insert threatening stare from Dr. Pathy.) I’m sure this exuberance was related to the Valium and all the numbing solution that was still on board.

I was driven home and I went off to bed, however I forgot to take my pain pill as instructed. I woke up at about 10:00 writhing and clumsily looked for my bottles (that I nicknamed precious) and quickly took two Percocet and a Valium for added measure. I went back to la la land and don’t remember much else.

Friends and clients who have had this done have told me the following, “It will feel like you did a lot of sit ups after you haven’t been to the gym in a while.” Another said, “I skipped my pain pills because I had to go to work the next day.”

I wondered why I felt like I was doing a sit up with a truck parked on top of me. I called my girlfriend and she pretty much felt the same way. This pretty much continued for a day and a half. I was later told that when you have “sculpting or supersculpt” your recovery will be a little longer and a little rougher. My procedure was on Saturday and I did go to work on Monday, however walking upright was pretty uncomfortable.

I will tell you straight-up you will have a love hate relationship with your compression garment. At first it is comforting, then it is annoying, then you take it off and you will need to quickly put it back on. I switched from the long one, to the bike short type, to the one with the zipper and the one without, the one with the hole (I don’t need to go into why), to the one without the hole. Basically, you HAVE to wear your compression garment 24/7 for the first 7 days. You only take it off to shower and you should have two so you always have a clean one when the other is drying. After week one or two (depending on what your surgeon tells you) you switch to a level two garment for the remaining 6 weeks.

I’ve read that some people “ooze” from their incisions, however mine were sutured and myself nor did my girlfriend experience this. I had my sutures removed 7 days after my procedure.

I later learned that my recuperation was a little more uncomfortable because I had two areas done, (my stomach and my inner thighs), but also because I opted to have sculpting done to my abdomen.

It is a little over a week, the results to my stomach were seen almost immediately, it is flatter and you can see where the sculpting was done. However the full results won’t be appreciated for 6 months. My thighs looked much worse before they will look better. They were and still are bruised and swollen. I know I will be happy with my results, however it does take time and YES I would do it again, even with the discomfort.