Footlogix Pediceutical Service

Arriving for my Footlogix Pediceutical treatment I was pretty sceptical. I did not believe that even in the Winter, when all of our feet are dry and damaged from the cold, my feet would feel soft and wonderful again. Usually I hide my feet all Winter long in the comfort of my socks and boots and don’t even think about getting a pedicure…but now I am a changed woman!

“Where Medi meets the Pedi!” Jess explained. She swears by this pedicure (and so does everyone else once they try it themselves). First she helped me pick out a fabulous color, “Diva of Geneva” by OPI and then we began to fill out the Footlogix form. We wrote down all of my basic information and then I filled out any conditions my feet may have, such as cold feet, blisters, corns, etc. This was a great way for me to explain what I needed out of this incredible service and for Jess to get to know my feet a little bit better.

The service began with my feet soaking in one of their very stylish jet less tubs. Side note to those frequently getting pedicures, the jet less tubs are what you need to look for. They don’t hold bacteria like other tubs can, avoiding any sort of fungus buildup, meaning you won’t get any conditions either! Unlike regular pedicures, this was the only time that my feet were soaking. Jess then did the usual nail maintenance, cutting, filing, cuticle work and so on. Then came the good stuff!

This service is all about the products, the Footlogix products to be exact. First she sprayed the callus softener on my foot, just damp enough so that it was not dripping and she let it set for 90 seconds. Then she took the metal foot file and filed my entire foot. Unlike regular foot files, the dead skin did not build up and get stuck. It was not uncomfortable like other files can be, usually I get very ticklish from such a treatment but I was not disturbed at all, I was still very relaxed! And as gross as it was, it was well worth it, I noticed the difference right away. I did not even know I had that much dead and dry skin on my feet! But I was getting excited to have bare feet for a while now without worrying about the look and feel of my feet.

More callus softener was sprayed after all of the filing was done in order for her to wipe off with a hot towel any excess dead skin. After doing the previous steps to my other foot she took out the massage cream and massaged it into my calves and feet. I was nervous that it would smell bad because this is more of a medical treatment, but the products all smelled great. Then she massaged the mousse into my calves and feet as well, the Very Dry Skin Formula. I felt like I had two new feet, it was amazing. I couldn’t believe that I felt the results as instantly as I did.

Jess finished with the polish and then filled out the rest of the form writing down her observations and any at home maintenance she may suggest. I was very excited to hear that they sold a couple of the Footlogix products as well and I immediately put them on my Christmas list. And now I am happy to say that I am ready to wear opened toed shoes to all of my upcoming holiday parties and events! This was the perfect service to receive during the holidays and this is the perfect way NOT to neglect your feet. Women and men forget throughout the Winter that their feet need to be taken care of so that they will be ready for sandal and beach weather. This service will keep you coming back for more all Winter long!

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