Not all lights are created equal. Some are visible to the human eye as colors. Others, though not perceivable, produce long-lasting biological effects. For example, ultra-violet (UV) light (10-400 nm), which comes to us in the flavors of UVA, UV B, and UVC (though little of the latter reaches the earth), is well known to alter our skin cells at the genetic level, causing DNA damage. The result: aged, weathered skin; precancerous skin lesions known as actinic keratoses (AKs), and in the worst-case scenario, skin cancer.

Yet there are other types of light that can help fight these problems. An emerging field of light-based technologies, known by names such as phototherapy (light therapy) and photo rejuvenation (light-based anti-aging), is having a major impact in turning back UV-induced skin damage.

What is Photoaging?

“Photoaging” refers to skin damage and skin aging caused by intense and chronic exposure to sunlight, specifically UVA and UV B rays. Some visible effects of this damage include uneven pigmentary (color) changes, broken blood vessels, and roughness on the skin surface. Beneath the skin, UV damage can cause structural alterations in collagen and elastin (proteins that contribute to skin strength and elasticity), resulting in wrinkling, sagging, and a leathery texture.1,2 The quest to reduce, and perhaps reverse, the many signs of photoaging has led to a variety of dermatological inventions and discoveries. Ironically, many of the resulting treatments use light energy as their primary source! Today, dermatologists now have available a large array of light-based strategies to treat photoaging.

Want To Improve Your Sun Damage?

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