I recently had sunspot treatment for a severe sunspot in the center of my forehead, which I affectionately referred to as my “cyclops”. After living with my “cyclops” for three years, I sought Yolo to have it removed. I shopped around at other dermatology clinics as well as cosmetic surgeon offices. The wait time to schedule an appointment at the other offices was months away, and the cost was nearly double Yolo’s price. I scheduled a consultation, and was able to have the procedure within three weeks. I am thrilled with the results! Not only was my cyclops completely removed, other lighter sun-spots on my face were also removed. My face is now clear and soft. The procedure was slightly uncomfortable, but the Yolo Staff preformed the procedure as quickly and efficiently as possible. Following the procedure, I experienced a stinging in my face for 2-hours, and then redness and brown spots for 3 days. One week following the procedure, my face was new and improved! I highly recommend Yolo for treatments of Sunspots. As a Med-Spa Clinic, Yolo gets’ an A++++! *Individual results may vary