I am a 50 year old RN in the health club business. I have been receiving Botox injection for about 2 years from 3 different MD’s in the shoreline community. Nikki of YOLO has far exceeded the previous treatments with her personal professional manner. Her injecting hand is strong and confident. Above all the results I have receieved from her Botox injections have been the strongest and lasted the longest. If you get Botox you know this means alot. I am now confident to pursue laser treatments on my neck and spider veins on my face. I have worked with an area certified plastic surgeon in and out of the OR and I KNOW a quality professional and treatment when I see one. I will not go to anyone else but Nikki nor will I professionally recommend anyone but her. I am privaledged to know and work with her and to be her patient. You owe it to yourself to see her for a consult, whatever your needs may be! *Individual results may vary