Had a great experience here at YOLO Med Spa recently this month. I had a pretty bad & embarrassing cystic pimple on my face and was looking all over google for Cortisone Injections to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Most were Dermatologists that required Insurance or else it would be over $100 until I managed to come across YOLO and immediately sent a email to see when I can come in for an injection. They got back to me quickly and was scheduled for an appointment in the next 3 business days. When I got there, I was treated kindly and Nikki had me fill out simple paperwork that took ~3 min. She then explained to me the procedure and gave me the cortisone injection, I was in and out in around 10 minutes. After 2 days from the Injection my cystic pimple went down dramatically and after 3 more days, it’s gone completely. YOLO Med Spa practically saved my life, I recommend them for Cortisone Injections if you are not currently insured and need a nasty pimple gone ASAP. One injection will cost you $80 with tax so it’s as cheap as you’re gonna get with no insurance. *Individual results may vary