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Thank you the service was excellent. Made me comfortable with how there handling this pandemic.

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“The service was excellent”

Positive: Professionalism, Quality
I’ve been going to Yolo for many years. I Drive 45 minutes, just to go to Yolo. I trust Yolo, 100%. I always leave extremely happy! You’re the best!!!!!! – Allison EV

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“I trust Yolo, 100%”

The model you have for entering, consulting, and process is exemplary. I felt comfortable, and safe in the environment you created. Thanks to both and Jess – Monica

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“I felt comfortable”

I have been meaning to write you to thank you so much for the work you did. I love, I mean LOVE the results. I was so disappointed after a local surgeon gave me little to no hope for solving the problems that you solved for me. I had the surgeon give me a filler after I had a lip lesion removed, and it was so expensive with little or no noticeable results. And, not to mention she had no advice short of suggesting a mini facelift. You, on the other hand, gave me hope and affordable (non invasive) solution(s). I know now that the person, not necessarily the product, is so key to impressive results. While I admit it was expensive, your skill and creativity stretched my every dollar spent. With as little product as possible and one photofacial treatment, you lifted my eyelids, smoothed out my forehead, filled in my cheeks and lips, and erased my blotchy skin. Back to wearing minimal makeup. And, you were honest and upfront, and so thoughtful when I needed to break up the work to make it affordable. I am so glad I found you on groupon (never did buy a groupon, but wouldn’t have found you otherwise) Please share my experience with others. I can’t thank you enough!!! I will be in touch when I need a refresher, until then I will enjoy the results and how it makes me feel.

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“I love, I mean LOVE the results.”

Hi Nikki,

I’m writing to tell you that I continue to be delighted by Yolo’s facials. Not only is your staff knowledgeable and gentle – but you work wonders with my skin.
For at least three days after my last facial my skin was soft, smooth and glowing.
I so appreciate her expertise. And YOLO. Thanks so much.

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“Thanks so much”

I’ve had numerous Laser Treatments and none compared to the Parisian, my skin is absoutely glowing. My pores have always been an issue and I can’t even see them anymore. I’m thrilled.

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“My skin is absoutely glowing”

As a fitness instructor, I work hard to stay in shape and keep my body healthy. I count on YOLO to keep my skin looking and feeling young and glowing. Every appointment involves a conversation – not a sales pitch – about what’s best for my skin, my lifestyle and my wallet! The combination of monthly facials, derma planing and recommended product, has been exactly what I need to get a healthy complexion during any season

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“I count on YOLO to keep my skin looking and feeling young “

Hi Nikki:

I just wanted to take the time to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you. I felt very relaxed and at home by the time we said good-bye. I felt very comfortable discussing my limited knowledge/research with you, and you made me feel that it was okay to ask questions and be a part of what I want to undertake in the next few weeks.

I will be setting up an appointment in the next couple of weeks….thanks again !!!

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“Thanks again!!!”

I am a 50 year old RN in the health club business. I have been receiving Botox injection for about 2 years from 3 different MD’s in the shoreline community.

Nikki of YOLO has far exceeded the previous treatments with her personal professional manner. Her injecting hand is strong and confident. Above all the results I have receieved from her Botox injections have been the strongest and lasted the longest. If you get Botox you know this means alot.

I am now confident to pursue laser treatments on my neck and spider veins on my face.

I have worked with an area certified plastic surgeon in and out of the OR and I KNOW a quality professional and treatment when I see one.

I will not go to anyone else but Nikki nor will I professionally recommend anyone but her.

I am privaledged to know and work with her and to be her patient.

You owe it to yourself to see her for a consult, whatever your needs may be!

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“I professionally don’t recommend anyone but her”

Hi Nikki,

I have been meaning to email you, I wanted to thank you for an awesome job with my lip, it is even!! You have magic hands!

Thank you so…much!! I LOVE what you did.

Have a wonderful week!

Kind Regards,

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“I LOVE what you did”
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