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Experiencing blotchy patches or freckle-like spots on your face? It could be melasma. This skin condition, more common in women, manifests as tan, brown, greyish blue, and grayish brown spots predominantly on the cheeks, chin, forehead, and upper lip. Notably associated with hormonal changes such as pregnancy or the use of birth control pills, melasma is a condition we often encounter and help manage at YOLO MedSpa.

What Causes Melasma?

Currently, there is no exact cause of melasma. However, some attributes can put you at a higher risk of developing this skin condition. Since melasma is commonly referred to as the mask of pregnancy, there’s no denying that hormone changes during pregnancy can put you at a higher risk of developing this condition. Using birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy are also well-known risk factors.

Apart from hormonal changes, melasma is more common among individuals who spend a large amount of time outdoors. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation causes the skin to develop these unwanted blotchy patches.

Types of Melasma

There are three main types of melasma, which are epidermal, dermal, and mixed. 

Epidermal melasma affects only the top layer of the skin. The skin is known to produce excess melanin, which leads to unwanted dark spots on the face. In most cases, epidermal melasma takes on a brownish hue and is relatively uniform. This is the most treatable form of melasma.

Dermal melasma affects the deeper layer of the skin. It’s caused by an excess of melanophages, which are responsible for storing melanin. These patches take on a bluish-grey to greyish-brown discoloration. This type of melasma is tougher to treat due to its deeper location.

Lastly, the most common type is mixed–when a person has both epidermal and dermal melasma. This type of skin condition requires a combination of treatments to be effective.

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Melasma Symptoms

The most obvious symptom of melasma is discolored patches on the face. These don’t typically hurt or itch. Rather, these patches show up on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and even upper lip. Their color will be distinctively different than your normal facial hue.

Melasma Triggers and Aggravating Factors

Regardless of the cause of melasma, sun exposure is well known to be an exacerbating factor. Other known triggers include becoming pregnant and taking oral contraceptives. Some medications can increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun, which is another aggravating factor of this skin condition.

Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment Options

At YOLO MedSpa, our approach begins with a thorough diagnostic process, often incorporating tools like a dermatoscope, also known as a Wood’s lamp, for a detailed evaluation. Treatment strategies are tailored to each patient’s specific condition and its underlying causes.

In cases where the patient has recently become pregnant, no treatment is usually applied. This is because the melasma will go away on its own after giving birth. In cases where sunlight or no direct cause of melasma was identified, topical skin-lightening creams may be used.

Insurance and Billing Information

It’s important to understand that while melasma isn’t harmful, insurance coverage can vary or may not even be available. We recommend checking with your provider regarding treatments. You can also consult with us–we can guide you through the billing process so that you have a better idea of how much your insurance provider can potentially cover.

Patient Testimonial

I’m writing to tell you that I continue to be delighted by Yolo’s facials. Not only is your staff knowledgeable and gentle – but you work wonders with my skin. For at least three days after my last facial my skin was soft, smooth and glowing. I so appreciate her expertise. And YOLO. Thanks so much.

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Consultation Process

If you believe that you may be suffering from melasma in Guilford, schedule a consultation at YOLO MedSpa. We will be able to evaluate your symptoms and make a proper diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been made, we will formulate a treatment plan to help with this skin condition.

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