Bridal Beauty Bootcamp Connecticut

We assist Brides, Mates, Maids & Mom’s

You have the ring and maybe the dress, now get yourself picture perfect with our series of aesthetic and fitness therapies.


Each program is individualized to address your specific goals.

Your program may include:

  • Aesthetic Treatments to get you picture perfect
  • Personal training to get you from Blah to Ahh
  • Nutritional counseling to go from Flab to Fab

Do you only have 3 weeks to Your wedding?

Renewal Diamond Facial with Chemical Peel

  • 1 syringe of Juvederm
  • 30 units of Botox


2 – 3 months prior to wedding

  • Photofacial and Laser Peel Combo: Evens skin tone and diminishes line lines and wrinkles
  • 1 syringe of Juvederm
  • 30 units of Botox
  • Brow shaping
  • Signature Facial with Chemical Peel (2 weeks prior to wedding)
  • Consultation with a Nutritional counseloror


9-12 months prior to wedding

  • Nose to Toes Laser Hair removal
  • Photofacial and Laser Peel Combo
  • 1 syringe of Juvederm 30 units of Botox
  • Brow shaping
  • Signature Facial 2 weeks prior to wedding
  • Consultation with a Nutritional counselor

Additional services include:

  • Boot camp/personal training to sculpt those arms, and get you in shape for your special day
  • Cool sculpting and lash & brow tinting
  • Nutritional programs

Call us for details, informational get togethers held throughout the year.

YOLO’s Bridal Beauty Bootcamp is in partnership with Athena’s Fitness Synergy Pilates.

*restrictions apply

CoolSculpting in Guilford|New HavenExperience CoolSculpting with the “YOLO DIFFERENCE”

Yolo’s medical providers have attended CoolSculpting University and are certified to perform this treatment by the inventors of this amazing technology. Only 14% of all CoolSculpting providers attend this advanced training.

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