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Juvederm App For Your Phone–A Must Have!

We came across a new app for the iPhone the other day and we are obsessed! It’s from Allergan which you may recognize as the makers of Juvederm. This app gives you the unique opportunity to picture how you would look if you decided to try Juvederm. This is a great way to help you make the decision on whether or not Juvederm is right for you. It’s definitely a must-have if you’re considering an injectable of any sort! There are so many fantastic features that can be used to help you get a better idea of how Juvederm works and what the results could look like. Theses features include: […]

Why You Need to Know About Clarisonic!

We are HUGE fans of Clarisonic here at YOLO & it seems like everyone else is catching on to it too! Check out this great article on the ClarisonicPro! “Unequivocally, the most important function of a facial skin cleanser is the removal of makeup, oils, dirt and debris that can block the pores of your skin. There can be no question or argument that mechanical facial cleansing, physically and directly removing dirt, makeup and skin debris, is the most effective means of cleaning debris from your skin. What about exfoliation? We all know that dead skin cells make your skin look old and dull. Most of you use an exfoliant […]