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Fat Reduction – CoolSculpting Treatment Connecticut

One of the most advanced and exciting treatments to achieve the body of your dreams is called CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a cutting-edge fat reduction technique that can give you a leaner, slimmer body. With CoolSculpting, fat reduction is achieved through an incredible technique called cryolipolysis. This is a process where fat cells are cooled to a temperature that results in cell death. The cooling is controlled and does not harm surrounding tissue. Most patients will experience an approximate 20% fat reduction in the area that is treated. Speak with the experienced professionals at to learn more about modern fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting. Contact us at our office in to […]

Unwanted Hair – Laser Hair Removal Connecticut

Unwanted Hair
Do you have unwanted hair or hair in areas that are tedious to groom? If you are looking for an alternative to temporary and sometimes painful solutions like shaving or waxing, then you may be a candidate for laser hair removal. If you are interested in achieving smooth, hair-free skin, laser hair removal can help. With laser hair removal, there is a long-term solution for unwanted hair. This treatment uses advanced laser technology that heats the hair at the follicle level. This treatment is effective for all skin types. To achieve the best results, five treatments are recommended. Speak with the experienced professionals at the to learn how to get […]

Weight Loss – Yolo Slim Treatment – Connecticut

The path towards living a healthier life and looking your best can seem like a long, endless uphill journey. Making the right changes to your lifestyle to obtain the body you want doesn’t have to feel endless. There is help. With the Yolo weight loss program, you can be on your way to the body you’ve always wanted. Our professional staff can help you achieve your goals with our specialized weight loss program. There are many different services and programs we offer to help you find a way that works for your lifestyle. From lipotropic injections to assistance in managing your protein intake, there are ways we can help you […]

Microdermabrasion – Skin Treatment – Connecticut

Smooth, evenly toned skin is a hallmark of beauty. In order to achieve and maintain great skin, it is important to treat yourself to the best-quality skin care. One of the staples of professional-quality skin treatment is microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is an exfoliating skin treatment that can give you a refreshed, clearer complexion. The procedure is a classic skin treatment that works for smoothing away fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and acne scarring. The procedure gets rid of the topmost, oldest dead skin cells to promote the development of younger, healthier skin. Speak with one of our professional staff members at the to learn more about microdermabrasion. Contact us at our […]

Sciton BBL – Skin Tightening – Connecticut

With age, the skin can lose elasticity. For you and your appearance, losing skin elasticity means lines, wrinkles and an overall older look. Fortunately, there is the Sciton BBL skin-tightening system. With Sciton BBL, there is an effective tool that can help you preserve your natural youthful appearance. The Sciton BBL skin-tightening treatment works by using broadband light to treat a variety of skin conditions. Sagging skin, sun damage, age spots, lines, acne scars and an uneven complexion can be treated. The procedure is versatile enough to treat areas on the face, neck, abdomen and arms. The heating effect of the broadband light energy causes the skin to produce new […]




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