GelColor by OPI

No matter what, I love getting my nails done for me. Receiving any manicure from Yolo Laser Center & Med Spa is better than doing it at home myself. They have way more bottles of nail polish than I do and they actually get it on your nails as opposed to the side of my finger when I try it on my own. But when I heard they were going to give me a “GelColor by OPI” manicure that can last up to two weeks, I scheduled my service right away!

With the holidays here, I have little time to get my nails done but I have lots of parties and events to attend so of course I want my nails to look good. Jess at Yolo, who did my incredible manicure, told me that not only would it last for two weeks, but it would not chip or peel. Some people have found the manicure to last even longer than two weeks and you won’t be dying to take it off because it will still look like your nails done yesterday!

I arrived to YOLO with the bad manicure I had given myself a few days before and I suddenly became worried that nail polish remover would effect the setting of the product. Immediately I was reassured that it would not be a problem and Jess began to remove my polish. After picking out a fun holiday color, a red titled “I’m Not Really a Waitress”, I became really excited about how OPI had recreated some of their classic colors to be used in this new service. “Lincoln Park After Dark”, another OPI favorite, was also a “GelColor by OPI” option.

First, Jess began to file my nails and gave me any other nail maintenance that was required. Then, she buffed my nails with a little bit of solar oil and then immediately dehydrated my nail with bondaid ph balancing agent so that the product cures better. Next thing you know, she is beginning to apply the base coat! After applying, one hand was put into their 5 finger dryer to cure for 30 seconds. The lamp that cures the product is not damaging to your skin though, despite the hesitation from some clients. But the lamp has a very low-wattage.

Once my first hand was cured, my second hand went into the dryer and she began applying the GelColor! Once both hands were polished with the GelColor and cured Jess applied the top coat. Once both hands were polished and cured, I was done. And my favorite part, when all of the steps of the manicure were complete, I did not have to sit around for another hour to wait for it to dry. I was able to take out my keys and my wallet from my purse without worrying and I didn’t have to request a ride home from my friends and family so that I didn’t chip my fresh manicure!

Whether you are constantly working with your hands or not, this is a manicure that will finally last. Very often I hear stories of nurses and cooks and other women with jobs that enable them to hold a manicure, but finally they can! And despite the fact that “GelColor by OPI” is a new product and new to YOLO, the nail technicians seem as though they have been using this product for years. The incredible manicure only took an hour, well worth it for two weeks with beautiful nails. I want to see how long this great manicure will last and then I will make an appointment for the easy 10 minute removal and another manicure…I am hooked!

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