Vaser SuperSculpt “The Really Smart Lipo” Blog 2

I like to try the procedures that I offer so that I know that they work and what they feel like. So now that I’m offering VASER Liposuction, I had Dr. Pathy, the double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon associated with my office, VASER me. Here’s the scoop:

Day of the procedure:

The day of my Vaser Supersculpt I was able to eat and drink a light meal. Dr. Pathy a double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, had prescribed Valium and Zofran (an anti-emetic that helps with nausea.)

I put on paper underwear for the pictures and then Dr. Pathy marked the areas to be sculpted. I was having my abdomen and inner thighs done. A nurse then painted me with a betadine solution to clean the skin and she walked me to the table where I lied down. I even got to choose the type of music I wanted played in the background.

The first part of the procedure the Doctor injected a small amount of anesthetic and made the openings for the tools to enter. I didn’t feel a thing.

Vaser has three parts to it (one more than traditional liposuction.)

The first part is where they infuse the area with anesthetic called Tumescent. This is actually the longest part of the procedure. Dr. Pathy made sure I was good and numb. At times it felt strange, slightly uncomfortable, but not painful. However my stomach looked like I was 6 months pregnant! Everyone in the room was very nice and kept talking to me and telling me what was happening. I even peeked to see what was going on.

Now they were ready for the second stage. During this stage they use the Vaser/ultrasound which specifically targets fat, but leaves vessels and all the important other things intact. Dr. Pathy told me that this is the extra step that really minimizes the bruising associated with traditional Liposuction. I watched the probe glide in and out.

The last part is the suctioning. This part felt strange. Almost like an ice cream scoop scraping from the inside. It didn’t hurt, but it definitely wasn’t a sensation I’ve never felt before. This step is very important, Dr. Pathy did some super Sculpting on me, which can’t be achieved with traditional Lipo. The nurse told him to give me that “ambecrombie.” I’m 40 and have three kids so I had no idea what she was talking about. I have a strong stomach and wanted to see what was going on, so I looked at the fat that was removed. It was light pink and yellow, Dr. Pathy explained that with this procedure there is almost no blood loss due to the sophistication of the ultrasound.

The procedure took about 3 hours from the pictures to the end. He put one stitch in each of my seven little openings, bandaged them and then a Nurse assisted me with putting on my compression garments. I walked out of the building with very little discomfort and a prescription for Percocet. My stomach already looked flat, however I’m told that it will take at least six months to see the full effect. The only restrictions I have are no driving while on pain medications, no heavy exercise for 2-3 weeks, and wear my compression garment for 23 hours a day for at least 14 days, until I graduate to a step two garment.

I chose to have Vaser Liposuction vs. Traditional because I do not like General Anesthesia and didn’t feel it was necessary for this procedure. General anesthesia requires you have an IV and are intubated and there is increased risk of pneumonia and blood clots. I’m told that the recovery and bruising with traditional Liposuction is much longer. If you are squeamish or anxious you probably wouldn’t do well with “Wide awake Lipo.”

Follow the blog and I’ll let you know how I felt when I got home. Pictures to follow.

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