The FDA recently approved the use of the silicone “gummy bear” implant. The 410 implant by Allergan is an anatomically-shaped, textured, silicone cohesive gel implant that is much firmer than the previous silicone gel implants.

To better understand what these are and how they differ from currently available options, let’s talk facts. First, the Gummy Bear Implants are simply silicone breast implants that are “semi-solid” and more highly cohesive than their predecessors. You can literally cut through the implant with a pair of scissors and the two halves will actually keep their shape.

But because these implants are more cohesive, they are also firmer than previous implants and more likely to retain a specific shape. There are only two implants which actually fit this description: the Sientra approved last year and the 410 from Allergan Corporation. Both of these implants differ from previous devices not only in the fact that they are more highly cohesive but also that they are anatomically shaped and have a textured surface (as compared to the more commonly used smooth surfaced implant). This anatomic shape can be very helpful in cases where a woman has very little to no breast tissue and so would benefit from an underlying form which can then essentially create a breast shape.

Because the gummy bear implants are textured it takes a skilled surgeon’s hand.