What is the LifeStyle Lift?

I found myself staring at the TV saying, “What is this?”….You know you have probably channel surfed and have paused at the infomercials showing the “LifeStyle Lift.” Working alongside a Plastic Surgeon I found myself dissecting the commercial to determine what procedure they were actually showing or better yet, not showing. If you paid close attention you will quickly realize that the words surgery and facelift are never uttered throughout the hour long commercial.

Curiosity got the better of me, so I called for an information packet. I spoke to a person in the call center who stated in a very scripted voice that she can only collect my information and forward me an information packet and tried to schedule me for a consultation. When I asked if I would be meeting with a Physician, I was told not initially. She also stated that she could tell me nothing about the procedures or the costs and that information would be covered in the consultation.

Lifestyle Lift is a very heavily marketed procedure, and has multiple offices throughout the country. The procedure is performed by local surgeons at a Lifestyle Lift facility, only under local anesthesia. A significant message of the Lifestyle Lift marketing is that they offer a procedure that can be performed in about an hour, with minimal downtime, quick healing, and significant results. However if you research the message boards many LSL clients have stated that their procedures were more than an hour and the downtime more than a week. From my research I concluded that The Lifestyle Lift is most likely a mini neck/lower face lift. What is never shown in their commercials is that many of the client’s in the after photos have elected to have add on procedures such as Laser Skin Resurfacing and Skin Tightening. Thus I find it deceptive that the before and after photo’s that do not clearly state the procedure, cost and downtime.

Many very prominent Plastic Surgeons take issue with this type of marketing as it is meant to bring in large volumes of clientele through somewhat cloudy marketing. Would as many people call if they called it what it is? Surgery, lower facelift, neck lift?? Probably not. In 2009 LifeStyle Lift had to pay over $300,000 in fines to New York State in a settlement for false advertising.

One of my main concerns regarding this procedure is knowing firsthand that many procedures for lax, sagging skin such as lower face lifts or neck lifts really require extensive surgery and General Anesthesia. I asked Dr. Pathy Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for this thoughts and subjectively how long a procedure such as this would last.

Dr. Pathy stated, “A one hour procedure may be appropriate in some patients, but is certainly not appropriate for most of the patients I see in Connecticut. Longevity of results for patients typical in my practice that have had a 1 hour procedure? Probably 12 months or less. Why? Facelift is truly a three step procedure which constitutes work on one side of the face, the contralateral side, and elevation and contouring of the neck. If you do not address each of these elements properly in the form of carefully placed incisions, skin elevation, SMAS elevation and tightening, trimming of skin with appropriate tension, meticulous wound closure (by the surgeon), contouring of the neck, and platysmaplasty, the result is less likely to hold up for a significant period of time. A more extensive procedure will require a variable period of downtime; some patients heal more quickly than others for a variety of reasons.”

Just as in every profession and job in this country, some individuals are more gifted, more capable, and obtain better results than others. Not surprisingly, this is certainly true in Surgery. An advertised procedure is merely an advertisement; an individual surgeons’ work is an individual surgeon’s work regardless of how effective his/her marketing is.

In making your decision to undergo Facial Plastic Surgery, remember that is it likely you will be spending a significant amount of money, regardless of who it is you see to obtain a natural, long lasting result.

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