Project Reunion Entry 3

So Project Reunion is moving right along. I stopped by to visit Nikki at Yolo Laser Center & Med Spa, so that she could take a look at my progress. She was happy with my progress but felt that we could move more aggressively with the melasma since the reunion is fast approaching. She decided that microdermabrasion and glycolic peel treatments would move things along.

The treatment was lovely. First of all, I recommend arriving for your treatment early as Yolo’s waiting room is perfectly relaxing. The décor is comfortable and Zen-like. I waited for Nikki and sat in peace and quiet for a few precious minutes.

The dermabrasion treatment was first. Nikki first cleansed my skin using the Clarisonic brush, this brush uses “sonic” technology to really clean the face. Then she took what felt like a thick pen and ran it over my face with some pressure applied. It didn’t hurt at all. Then she applied the glycolic acid for the peel. This stung a bit, but just for a minute. Then Nikki wiped it off and applied a soothing cream that reduced the sting and another to reduce any redness. There was no downtime. I left Yolo with a glowing, fresh face.

The results. Wonderful. My two neighbors keep on telling me how GREAT my skin looks. My hubby has even noticed (we know that they never notice anything.) Most importantly, I love how my skin looks. Even-toned and YOUNG. I’m feeling more confident about the reunion every day.