Project Reunion Entry 2
In case you didn’t read my first blog entry, I’ll quickly recap: I’m going to my 24-year high school reunion on August 19 and I’ve started my personal “Project Reunion” to get in shape and look more youthful. My first stop was to see visit Nikki at Yolo. She recommended a laser treatment to get rid of dark spots on my face.

The results…fantastic. I’ve no dark spots left on my face, only a few light freckles. Nikki even lightened a scar by my eye that I’ve had since I was seven years old. I must warn all you that there’s downtime for this treatment. I looked like I had dirt allover my face for about a day and a half. But the results are worth it! Even my husband noticed an improvement, and he rarely notices when I cut my hair.

With the dark spots gone, I felt like my splotchy “pregnancy mask” was more noticeable. Nikki said that I had mild dermal melasma. I’ll spare you the medical jargon, but I can tell you that at times it makes me look like I have five-o’clock shadow and in some light I look like I have a moustache.

Nikki gave me glycolic pads and kojic acid skin lightening pads. I’ve been using them for about two weeks now and I definitely notice a welcome difference. I still have a slight mask that is getting lighter and lighter. And, my skin tone in general looks better. How can I be sure that my skin looks better? My sister was visiting the other day and she actually said, “You look really young.” I hope my old classmates have the same reaction.