Ahhh Valentine’s Day, Love will be in the air. I have to admit, I used to hate Valentine’s day, I used to wear black in protest calling it stupid. However, I’ve softened in my old age and now look at the day of “love” a little differently.

For those of you with a hot date…on to “Valentine’s Beauty tips”, when love is in the air, it’s important for you to feel the part.

Luscious lips always set the mood- for ultra sexy lips get them super hydrated and apply an ultra shiny gloss. Lipsticks can rub off on handsome faces and wineglasses, stick to a gloss for a super smooching night.

Lash thickening and lengthening mascara enhances eyes and intensity and romantic appeal by making eyes stand out even more. A simple powder shadow with a subtle sparkle may do just the trick so you can unleash your enchantment on your date. I’m in love with blinc mascara, it “tubes” the lashes and makes them look longer and natural, no clumping.

Continue the beauty trend all the way down to your fingertips, and pick a pretty nail polish to complement your outfit or one that will accent a certain hue if you have a shirt with several colors. Or try the new OPI Axxium gel lacquer, it lasts up to 2 weeks. I get mine expertly done at Sara’s Nail nook, in Guilford, CT. It is an owner operated nail salon with ultra hygienic practices.

Add some sparkle-spray some glitz spray for a subtle sparkle that will keep that twinkle in their eye.

Last but definitely not least, appeal to your dates senses even more with a flirty seductive perfume. Check out Crazy sticks , it is a solid perfume stick from France that is great for travel, has fun packaging and romantic scents.

As you prepare to meet your date for the evening, remember to pack a few items in your purse – a small compact mirror, lip gloss or lip color, a few tissues, a tiny bit of dental floss just in case and a pack of gum or mints.

For those of you without a Valentine, rather then dwell, why not grab a good friend, get some great takeout and stay in, paint your nails, and discuss a good book. I suggest renting the hangover, I promise you won’t stop laughing.

If you are a man and reading this you can see all the effort a woman goes through, show her you care,

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