We all have heard that rosy cheeks are great. What if they are a little too red, and beyond rosy? Unless we’re working up a sweat, you probably prefer to keep the redness on our face to little more than a healthy, rosy glow. However, Mother Nature and our skin chemistry don’t always share our vision. Your skin can appear red for many reasons, whether it be due to an allergic reaction, stress, Rosacea or another culprit, it is a nuisance. Rather then attempt to cover it up check out these easy solutions to kick that redness to the curb once and for all.

The first way to treat is first to determine the cause. If it’s irritation, stop using the irritating cream, wash or product, and consult a skin care professional who can make correct skin care recommendations.

BBL or a photofacial can easily resolve the redness and treat broken capillaries. Cost $200-500

Next, avoid extreme temperatures, cover your face with a scarf if heading outside in the winter months.

The Clarisonic brush is also a fabulous way to decrease redness and increase circulation in the skin that results in a decrease in redness and an increase in product penetration. Cost $150-250

Lastly, my favorite products:

Topix foaming antioxidant cleanser $23

The Power of 3 $68

3 Powerful antioxidants blended together to calm redness and smooth fine lines.

iS Clinical Pro Heal $100

Powerful serum to treat redness and acne.

These powerful products are available at YOLO. Call for your consultation “Look 5 years younger” consultation and skin analysis.

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