After being treated for breast cancer, many women experience extreme skincare issues. It is more commonly seen as an afterthought and a side effect that comes with treatment, but woman have plenty of options to relieve these nagging issues. These women have options though to relieve the stinging, itchiness and redness that can during and after treatment.

Chemotherapy can leave your skin dry and flaky because it the amount of oil your glands produces is dramatically reduced. To compensate for the loss of oil, it is key to switch to a heavier, oil-based moisturizer for your body and face. Especially with the cold weather rapidly approaching, it is important to moisturize more frequently than usual. Skin will be more sensitive to the sun, so make sure to apply sunscreen or even a lotion with SPF included. Since your skin will be dry and sensitive, gentle products will provide the most comfort to your skin.

Unlike chemotherapy, radiation actually causes the characteristics of your skin to change. Skin will darken or become red in patches and these patches tend to be very sensitive. The change in color tends to go away a few weeks after the treatment concludes. Moles and freckles also experience a darkening, but after sometime they will lighten and some even go away on their own. Products that include aloe, aquaphor and hydrocortisone cream are highly recommended during the skin healing process to provide the most comfort to those undergoing treatment.

Many people are unaware that after going through radiation, you become much more susceptible to skin cancer. As important as it is for everyone to take proper precautions to avoid sun damage, it is an absolute necessity for those who are receiving radiation. Look for clothing that completely covers the area treated and remember to use SPF daily.

A great brand we trust here at YOLO is iS CLINICAL and their Cancer Care program. They have designed skincare products specifically those that meet the skin care needs of people undergoing treatment for cancer. Woman who have been treated for breast cancer are strong individuals and hopefully these tips can provide them with the comfort and relaxation they so much deserve!