Are you suffering from dry Winter Lips?

Q: My lips get very dry. They peel and crack and the skin around my mouth gets chapped and sore during the winter. What can I do to stop this? I have tried several brands of chapstick without getting relief.

A: Just like the rest of your skin, your lips suffer during weather changes too. It is important to protect them from the sun and keep them well moisturized. Protect your lips from sun exposure all year long, not just in the summer. Remember that UVA rays are present 365 days per year. We have a few recommendations for you:

  • Use a medical grade broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunblock on your lips-

When choosing a sunblock, look for one that says broad or full spectrum UVA/UVB protection on the label. Then look at the ingredient listing on the back. It needs to list either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, preferably 7% or higher. I recommend Jane Iredale’s Lip Drink. Lip Drink contains a high percentage of Zinc oxide to reflect dangerous UV radiation. Using sun protection is even more important for cracked, dehydrated lips as they will be damaged more easily than well hydrated skin. Lip Drink does not include any petroleum derived products that many of your Chapsticks include which can dry out your lips more.

  • Avoid licking your lips-

The re-wetting of your lips will not only chap your lips but the wetness will also break down your sunblock. Remember, there is no true “waterproof” sunblock. They are just water-resistant (good for up to 80 minutes once wet).

  • Drink more water–

Remember, dry lips are a sign that you are not drinking enough water. If your lips are dehydrated, increase your water consumption. Also remember when drinking beverages such as coffee or alcohol to up you water intake.

  • Apply a hydrating lip treatment or balm on top of the sunblock-

Using an ointment or balm will prohibit moisture from escaping, keeping your lips hydrated. This can be as simple as applying Vaseline at bedtime or throughout the day. We carry a great option at Yolo Laser Center & Med Spa. I recommend Jane Iredale Sugar & Butter. The Sugar & Butter Lip Treatment works well to re-store moisture and relieve irritated, chapped skin around the mouth. It starts with an organic brown sugar to exfoliate peptides to improve volume and moisture and leave the lips feeling soft and tight. The second side of the tube provides you with a beautiful sheer pink color, which is perfect for any skin tone. It also contains cooling mint to soothe the lips as well as ginger to plump.

This treatment can be applied multiple times per day. Remember to re-apply before bedtime for increased hydration. Cost $22.00

Book a facial in Janurary and receive a free hydrating lip treatment. Mention code: dry lips when booking your appointment. 203-533-4560