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Have you heard about Yolo’s triNECKta? If Nora Ephron had, she wouldn’t have written the best seller, “I Feel Bad About My Neck.” One of the most frequently complained about body parts I hear patients are concerned with in my practice, is the neck. As we age the skin on the neck can be crepey, or have “bands” or there is loose skin, as well as a double chin. In the past, surgery was really the only, but not the best, option to treat these concerns. In the past 5 years there have been amazing advances in non-surgical interventions to treat neck concerns and Yolo Laser Center & Med Spa has them all.

Some of the interventions Yolo offers to address neck concerns include:

So how do you know which treatment is best for you? First, look in a mirror and say the letter “eeeee”. When you do, do you see significant bands on your neck? If so, Botox or Dysport can effectively address this for about $280.

triNECKta Before and After

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, then a BBL can rid you of that AND stimulate collagen. Kybella and Coolsculpting can permanently get rid of unwanted chin fat with little to no downtime.

If you need professional assistance determining what treatment if best for you, schedule a “look 5 years younger consultation.” This can be done in person or Telemedicine, whichever is best for you. You will be asked if you want your results to “whisper”, “talk”, or “scream” or something in-between and we will create a custom plan for your specific needs.

Mention “TriNECKta” and you will receive 15% off when you purchase a package of 3 services for your neck concerns. We look forward to assisting you in loving your neck again!

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