Younger Men Seek Cosmetic Surgery as Stigma Fades, Recovery Gets Easier; Goodbye, ‘Turkey Neck’

Men face specific changes as they age and are turning to cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures in response to those changes. A post in the WSJ recently discussed this topic.

According to the post, many men are putting forth a lot of energy, time and money to maintain their youthful appearance. Many men are turning to cosmetic procedures as a result of newer technological advances in less invasive procedures that can be done on an outpatient basis.

The procedures men are turning to include:

Younger Men

According to the WSJ article, “Younger men and teens often opt for surgery that will give them a more masculine appearance. For example, nearly 75% of the 18,000 men who underwent a procedure known as gynecomastia—male breast reduction—were between the ages of 13 and 19.”

Men in Their Fourth Decade

Men in their 40s are turning to Botox because of the loss of skin elasticity in their face. Another procedure popular with men in this age is eyelid surgery. This procedure is discrete and helps make a man look younger without announcing to the world that they underwent a cosmetic procedure.

50+ Men

In addition to the Botox and the eyelid procedures, men in their 50s and older seek out procedures for their “jowls.” The “jowls” form because of skin accumulation along a man’s jawline and neck. This problem can be reduced through face lifts and neck lifts.

A well planned, realistic approach to what results to expect will help bring about the best results.

Our team of affiliated Physicans includes Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, as well as a Hair Transplant Physician “At Yolo we offer an array of therapies to address both younger and older men’s concerns. We offer hair transplant, in office lid rejuvenation, as well as Vaser Liposuction,” states Nikki Rasmussen, RN. We offer both non-surgical and surgical approaches to treat all of the modern man’s concerns.

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