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Botox Injections – Anti-Aging Treatment Connecticut

Published on June 10, 2015 by
Botox injections are easily the most popular cosmetic treatment every single year. It’s easy to see why: they are extremely effective in preventing wrinkles and preserving a natural, youthful appearance. If you are looking for a way to fight the signs of aging, Botox may be right for you. Botox injections are specifically designed for preventing dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are the type that form along areas of the face that are involved with facial expressions or motions like chewing. The regular muscle contractions of the face crease the skin over time. With Botox, these muscle contractions are relaxed, which preserves the skin’s smoother appearance. Consult the knowledgeable staff at […]
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Winner of Best Med Spa Guilford Connecticut

Published on November 1, 2013 by
We are proud and honored to be voted Best Med Spa in the Shoreline Reader’s Poll. We specialize in the most current anti-aging cosmetic procedures. From Vaser Liposuction, Botox, Dermal Fillers, Laser Hair Removal and Eye Rejuvenation performed in our relaxing spa setting. Locally owned and operated by Medical Professionals we offer the latest surgical and non surgical procedures to keep you looking and feeling your best. Call to schedule a skin analysis. Visit yolomedspa.com to learn more about our services. Thank you shoreline community for taking the time to Vote!
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Published on August 8, 2013 by
Good news for greater New Haven, . residents who want to eliminate wrinkles, but are afraid of needles. Researchers are testing gel formulations of botulin toxin type A. It can be applied topically and the name of this product is RT001. The results of a 2012 study in California show that up to 89 percent of 553 patients experienced improvement in their crow’s feet wrinkles with no significant side effects. Detailed information about other types of topical wrinkle solutions are below: Topical Botulinum Toxin relaxes facial muscles by blocking the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. A doctor applies it directly to the skin and then wipes it off after […]
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Published on May 17, 2013 by
A story recently posted on YahooLifestyleUK highlights a new treatment alternative to Botox dubbed “Frotox.” In the past,Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Kidman are just some of the stars that have admitted to Botox, but now there’s a new anti-ageing system on the market they might want to try. Cryotherapy – also known as Frotox – has finally launched in the UK after a year of research, but what is it and does it actually work? Studies have shown that clients undergoing the “Frotox” treatment, report fewer wrinkles and the big news is that Frotox in non-toxic. There is another advantage for Frotox over Botox though. Botox takes a […]
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Computer Face

Published on March 18, 2013 by
computer face
Working at your computer for long hours may get the job done, but it may also be making you look a heck of a lot older. Plastic Surgeons have dubbed this syndrome, “Computer face.” Dr. Prager told the Daily Mail, “If you are one of the unfortunate people who frown or squint while they are concentrating at the screen then, over time, you will inevitably end up with frown lines.” “What is perhaps more surprising is the number of women with saggy jowls because they are sitting in one position for so long.” What was most alarmingly noted is that people in their 20’s are spending an increasingly number of […]
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Anti-Aging Gene Discovered

Published on February 5, 2013 by
Humans have been on the hunt for the answers to aging, as evidenced by the popularity of Botox. Science has yet to discover the modern day fountain of youth, however a recent discovery of two anti-aging genes have been discovered. The protein(s) are known as SIRT6 and SIRT3. SIRT6 protein not only suppresses tumors (helps suppress cancer), it may also offer a protection against the development of obesity and help control our cellular metabolism. Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Michigan Health System conducted the study and also noted that without this protein tumors may increase in size, numbers and aggression. Cancers that may be most affected by the loss […]
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Hot Trends In Cosmetic Surgery For 2013

Published on January 31, 2013 by
New Year New You..What's Hot for 2013
We have all heard the New Year New You mantra and often times embraced it. However, subtle changes in what is considered, “Hot”, “Trendy” or “In” differ slightly from year to year. The following is an outline of what are the most sought for Cosmetic Procedures in 2013. What’s Hot? Botulism Toxin Type A Botox is the number one non-invasive procedure by far, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Botox is as synonymous with its main ingredient, botulism toxin type A, as Q-tips are to cotton swabs. That said, with products like Dysport and the relatively recent introduction of Xeomin on the market – both of which are derived […]
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What Supplements Should I Take Prior To A Cosmetic Procedure?

Published on December 5, 2012 by
Th most common question we hear from patient’s is, “What supplements could I take prior to my cosmetic procedure?” For specific information regarding which medications and supplements should be discontinued our office will review that with you in depth. However, here is an informative video describing the benefits of VitaMedica supplements prior to Cosmetic procedures: VitaMedica video Between now and the year-end, many of you are scheduled for a surgical procedure. Recover faster by preparing for your upcoming procedure. VitaMedica’s Recovery Products are available at . One of our professionals would be happy to discuss which products may be appropriate to help you get back on your feet faster.
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