We mentioned in our newsletter this month how much we like VitaMedica products.

We think they’re great for those who want to cut down their recovery time right after undergoing a procedure. So what exactly are these products? Below are the products we carry that we feel are perfect for the procedures we offer:

Arnica Montana 30X

Great for both surgical and non-surgical facial procedures
Rapidly dissolving tablets
Packages come in different sizes depending on the amount that is right for you

Arnica Anti-Bruise Kit

Defense against both bruising and swelling
The kit includes Arnica Montana 30X and a recovery cream
This product is unique because it addresses bruising from the inside rather than the outside like most other products

Healing Support Program

Ideal for patients who want a simple recovery solution
Includes Arnica Montana 30X as well as Bromelain with Quercetin
10-day kit with small capsules and guides for each step of your recovery process

Recovery Support Program

Includes Clinical Support (both morning and evening supplements), Bromelain with Quercetin and Arnica Montana 30X
One month supply
Great for more extensive procedures like Vaser Liposculpting or Mixto Laser Resurfacing

Feel free to stop by and to ask us what products may be right for you! Also, if you don’t already receive our monthly newsletter and would like to, just send us an email at info@yolomedspa.com